Call me?

Hey everybody, its the sexy, elegent, bolumtious NOLTY. If you would like to call me, about advice on girls, just to talk, or whatever, give me a pm askin for my number. Hope this doesnt get locked X_X

this’ll get locked

I’m asking on general principles, but don’t expect the convo to last long.
:spin: Kingofallpie

Ya… dont doubt it Lol, but its worth a shot X_X.

I highly doubt you have much if any experience with girls.

Just because I dont have much experience with girls, doesnt mean I cant give advice. Almost all of my friends who now have girlfriends, have came to me for advice. Jon + Courtney = 2 years. Doug + Veronica = 4 years… Keynen + Jamie = 2 years. and many others… I admit, i have never had a girlfriend, and I havent had much experience with girls, but I still give advice.

Sounds fair.

Arimosa and Veronica?

Nah, Different Doug lol. All who live near me.