Calling out Dama, Phoenix, Alias,and Magekill

I think you guys are the best signature makers in runescaperealm. If you accept there will be a signature battle between the 4 best signature makers on rsr. I will be posting a topic for the tourny later if you all accept. Here is the deal. There will be 2 rounds one of 4 people one of 2 (semi finals and finals) I will set up a bracket making the matches. You are required to make a signature. Max size of 350x125 on the signature. In the second round (if you make it) you will repeat this process and see who the final winner is. Finally there would be a question about who gets into 3rd place. You have two options for that. 1. Whoever had the most votes in there first signature battle. Or you can face off against each other.

Thread locked. We already made one yesterday.