Calling out dragonchampions2000

arcdemons1: lord zombz, would you like to join the gods of glory clan, 55+ reqs, 50+ maging, 50+ ranging.
lord zombz: why would I join your *** clan if i’m already a co-leader of one.
arcdemons1: which clan?
lord zombz: Red dragons
arcdemons1: Oh man, I really didn’t want this to happen, but we’re enemies with them. I really don’t want to fight you bit if we must…
lord zombz: omg you pathetic little ***er, you stand no chance noob!
arcdemons1: excuse me?
lord zombz: we will own your sad
ss clan any day, now go to your corner and cry.
arcdemons1: I have 14k friends on RSR…do you think you can beat em all (not really 14k…but you get the drift .
lord zombz: I’ll get my lvl 120 to own em all!
lord zombz: cause gods of glory is a *** ****ing clan, and Red dragons will ****ing own them!
arcdemons1: we’ll see about that

This is a conversation between your co leader and our member. You think you are all that so the clan is calling you out for a war. Leader of this clan pm on rs or write back to discuss time and date. We will see who wins this fight. So if you dont accept i know your all talk and no walk. Lets see how good you guys really are.