Hi well jagex just had a rather large update for agility and i was thinking at first maybe have camouflage as a new skill but i thought that it could be intergrated into agility

By camouflage i mean like as your levels grow you can hide from certain monsters or players, this would help against aggressive monsters and in wilderness

For instance:

Level 5: Hide from river troll (fishing)

Level 15: Hide from rock golen (mining)

Level 55: Hide for 30 seconds in level 15 wilderness or below

Level 90: Hide in level 45 wilderness or below for 30 seconds

I dunno what you think but there just some things i thought up

This skill would probably help if your going to an altar in the wilderness or something to make runes and maybe if you wanna go bank after pking you can turn it on

I dont know if people would like it in a new skill or with agility

Discuss what you think.

.•I don’t get the hide’s for wilderness there was…no…describtion whatsoever…i think the troll and the golem are fine though•.

sorry by hide i mean you could i dunno turn invisible or be able to create a bush and hide in it…my idea is very basic i havent thought that far so i understand why you dont understand

well, appearently you have or else you wouldn’t have known what i was asking…thank you for making it clear and verifying the ability to understand the idea…

i guess nobody likes the idea then

sounds like some what of a good idea but it would be better if, jagex would accept it :stuck_out_tongue:

jagex never accepts any ideas they just say " we will add this to our database" and they dont do anything else…"

yeah its an automated message i think

Well what are other peoples thoughts on it?

not true…they got the idea of last easters event from a person

geez never knew that

i like the idea alot i think it should be a thing like prrayer where you run out of " hide pts." or it could just be a generic spell and the length you can hide is based on your mage lvl. i think it’s a realy cool idea

NO for the random occorences jagex wouldn’t alow it!

meh i guess so

sounds cool, but i think it should be called stealth. also how would you train?

i thinkiyou should have a higher level for river troll, or jagex wouldnt allow tis