Can anyone get a screenshot of the shops in legends guild!!!

I just would relaly like to see whatsn all for sale…i am really close to getting in myself but i cant hold back the suspension!

(Rancid Knights Foe Life) hint: check clan forums for more info on rancid knights.

well i posted a pic of the legends guild a while back, but not the shops, and if no one posts them i may do it in a little while

trying to get in to legends my self…

ill get u the pics in a little bit

can u within the next hour or so?

ill try

its been way over that hour, can anyone else get me one if this guy cant?

Dude does anyone like not wanna help a fellow runescapian out? I just wanna see whats all in the shops…i am really close to being a legend, but i am busy fighting those new dragons to go train my skills.

please someone send me a picture of the legend guilds shops

if you look in runehq, guilds theres a pic of what they sell…