Can f2p wear saradomin Trimmed?

I was wondering because i managed to get 1.4 mil saved up on f2p, and wanted to know if I can wear it. Also, is thier anything that looks good with saradomin armour on f2p? Like gloves and cape?

Uhh…yes you can wear rune (s).
There are silver/grey gloves in F2P.
And boots, there aren’t any…except “boots.”
White p-hats look good with sara! lol. :smiley:

Yep only like…2 mil lieft… =( unless it dropped lots.

i need rune boots lol

Actually you COULD wear mime boots although they’re kinda rare.

ya hes rite ya know

Yeah f2p can wear it but only members can get it… and if you wanted something to go with it, try mime boots and gloves if you have em.

coughmime boots are black : . Lost mine at the giants. (dam teleblock!!)

I got mime gloves =p

ya…mime gloves and boots…with a legends cape, or if ur f2p…try yellow cape…those look pretty good with full sara