Can I do Lost City quest?

Are my stats good enough for lost city quest? Also, should I do ranged or combat?
They’re on the pic:

i done it at level 45…

Well, should i make a bow and do ranged, or fight the spirit in combat?

I think it would probably easier and faster for you to fight as melee, because with range, it’d take much longer and you’d need a lot of arrows at your range level (no offense :wink: ).

So I can beat it with melee? Would I need any pots or food? I already have lots of lobbies.

i would train mage to 25 so u can tele out of the dungeon, u should mage it, the spirit is hard and u have to fight it with a bronze axe 8O

i say u work on your mage untill u can do crumble undead…lol thats how i did it like in the 40’s…i hit like 15+

Range it. Infiltrator, I just finished the quest and I ranged it with a lower level then he did ;). I only used 100 Iron Arrows. Meleeing it if you are under level 90 is almost suicide, so hide behind some Fungus and Range it.

i say to high a dueling ring to get out of there . and have a axe head and a axe handle to pass the monks if u want to melee

Yes I agree when I did the quest I had my friend come with me to watch and I tried combat (I was about level 65) and was getting completely owned…luckily my friend made a bow and stood inbetween me and the spirit and I was able to range it…Trust me with your stats (no offence) its the only reasonable option

Ok, I’ll range it then. I have 1700 steel arrows, I’m gonna make an oak bow, and I have an enchanted glory ammy (so I can tele). Should I bring food?

in my own opinion, i think ur not ready for the quest, just saying, not trying to be mean. ur melee is the best out of your 3 combat skills,a dn ur melee isnt all that great…

i killed it with mage(wind bolt) no problem, so i see u can cast that, but, try to mage it, it worked for me :lol: