Can I have some help with my dad?

Ok, me and my dad can never EVER talk without getting into an argument, or a fight. Now, all I do is ignore him. My mom is really getting sick of us ignoring each other, so she said that if I don’t start talking to him, I’ll get my ass beat. I need some advice on how to start and hold a peaceful conversation with someone that only wants to fight me. I just need to talk to him one time with my mom hearing it. Any advice on the convo?

Just say hi dad, think of an interesting topic, and if you guys get mad, just walk away, and try again later. Sorry, lame advice.

That’s the only thing I could think of doing.

If I were you and talking to him. He suddenly got mad and you didn’t want him to get mad. Don’t say what are you mad about, talk to another subject :slight_smile: You can always say “I love you dad”. On thanksgiving you can say how much you apprecciate him and how thankful you are.

Wow, how’d you get in this position? What started it all? Maybe you can say you’re sorry, but if he’s just looking for a fight, you’ve got limited options… talk about the weather, or if you’re getting good grades, talk about that. Or beforehand you can take deep breaths and promise yourself you’re going to stay calm, and then have a convo with your dad and if he starts picking at you, you can just try to stay through it. Or you can have it right before your bus comes so if he starts trying to fight with you, you can say you have to go get the bus.