Can I kill Bronze Dragons?

I’m level 87, with only 51 range and 63 mage. I’ve been set 12 bronze dragons as a slayer task from Edgeville, and I was wondering if you think I can kill them. Obviously I would wear monk robes and take loads of prayer pots, as that seems to be the best way. But what else should I wear? I was thinking of getting chaos gauntlets and using fire bolt on them. Your thoughts?


You probably can, I would totally take a cross bow if it were me :wink:

but hey, your probably better at it then me…

I think you should take 450 chaos, fire staff, and teleport runes (along with any other runes you need) then 10 pray pots, and rest of inv food… :slight_smile:

thats my advice though…
get more :wink:

Full Initate (more prayer)
Antifire shield
Whip or DDS
Some food (fire still affects you)

FYI, Bronze dragons are easy to kill

^%^ what he said ^%^

i would just go full rune , good wep and an inv of food and tele runes

I’ll probably do what Jeffman said, most I’m going to lose is a few shark and prayer pots, I hate maging things anyway =S

EDIT: PJP, I don’t want to risk losing that much, plus I can’t afford full rune atm, so if I did what you said I’d have full dragon without chain and with guthix plate =S. Plus, at Bronze Dragons, you need prayer above all else.