can some1 plz help me

i want to get my agility up to wield d hally. My agility is 20 so far. I was wondering where i should get it up with out dieing (like the underground one). I also dont want to train at the gnomes one cuz it doesnt get you alot of xp per course. :lol: does any1 have any suggestions on where i can go to get it up a little faster then the gnome course with out dying?

umm… u have no other choices besides gnome and “the underground one” which i think means Brimhaven. I suggest:

first - do all quests that reward agility
if you do one small favor, you get 20k xp in whatever you want, so you could pick agility.
then up to 35 , you gotta do gnome, sorry
after you’re 35, go up to the barb outpost and do barcrawl so ou can train there up til 40
when you’re 40 you’ll be high enogh to get a decent amount of xp from brimhaven.
when you’re 50, you can do legends, which gives 30k or so xp is what you want, so again you could choose agility.
when 52, train in wildy course, but it may be better if you waited a few levels so you don’t fail as much.

theres also the skullball course in canifis if you wanna check that out, it gives decent xp (min lvl 25)

note: you only have to get 53 agility to do regicide, just use agility pots.