Can someone make me a sig...

I would like a sig for the holidays. Make it Christmas-y lol.
Thankz…just want to get into the holiday season :smiley:

Thank in advance :wave:

and btw…maybe make it say “Happy Holidays from MageKill”

ok ill make one for ya’

ill post it when i finish


If other people make ill pick the one i like best.

Could there be a reward for the best sig?

Yes. I supposed ;). lol ya there will be now.

any good?

Whoa lol i like that! Can you make it say “Merry Christmas from MageKill” though, please? Then you know what…lol im just gonna take that one :D. Do you want any payment?

EDIT: Um…Im gonna leave it open till maybe likes Thanksgiving. So bleep what i just said ^^. but still change the font and make it smaller. (over limit)

Look at the width and height.
It’s over 700x200.

Oh good point. Hey kup you wanna make one? I changed my mind im gonna leave it open a little longer.


tell me if u want anything changed.

Needs to be smaller…and like i said before ill leave it open till thanksgiving. i like it :smiley:

ill make on!!!

Even if it doesnt look like it, this took me a lnog time because i screwed it up some times…
Hope ya like, and of course… the real pic:

maaaaaaaaaaaannn :tongue-ti i screwed up!! you can count me out…

I like it Alias. Lol okay lockadmin…whatd you do?

Okay its Thanksgiving day…and since theres only 2 i pick…ALias’s to use for the holidays :D. Do you want the reward? (its not much sorry)

PS: Sorry about the DP

Just so you notice, the sig says from magekill, not from alias.

~:crazy: spartan

Read the first post.

“Happy Holidays from MageKill”.

He wishes all others a happy holiday, Spartan. Nice siggy.

okay :frown:

~:crazy: spartan