can you banned ure own character?

anyone knows if u can band ure own character?

why would you want to ban you own charecter you weirdo

coz im quiting runescape

give me you account ill look after it for you

thats why i want to banned it i gave it to a guy i said dont change the pass but he freaking change it so i want to banned it for god sake

Y u quitting runescape?

You cannot banned your own guy\girl.

well its his guy now u shouldnt have given it to him


Just swear heaps or break heaps of rules at once on world 1 varrock and someone will eventually report you = banned.

you are an incredibly stupid person. why would u wanna banned urself just to quit runescape!!!

Maybe you can write an message to Jagex explaining how you gave your account away and now you want it to be banned for whatever reason. Of course, you’ll have to provide proof of this somehow.

your one confusing person, why did you quit?

Yes, very confusing.

Another way to get your character banned is to misuse the report abuse form over and over.

y do u want to quit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?