Can you find?

Can you find the three fake parts of this picture of runescape? The first to find all 3 wins 20k! Pm me via rsr for details.


P.S. They’re kinda easy but sorry about the quality, I couldn’t find a hoster that could host it other than putfile and it messed it up (yes it was saved as .png)

one of the frog masks is wrong and in of the tree’s in your mini-map and 2 of the building ar attached that aren’t supposed to be…

the first one is the friend chat is off and u r talking…

ur on ignore but its on smiley

and the cape has not red dot :)…my 20k pl0x?

How about a warm nice black cake? :o Could the cake be lets say … burnt?

wow i actually couldnt find any lol

the warm black cake thing the private chat thing and it says ignore list but when it should be on the friends list

Darkbeast, even though you stole the first one from someone else, you win.

Minority…None of those are right…

And there’s no red dot because I’m standing on top of it.

Nothing to my eyes.

Lol, they already posted the answers.