Can You Please give me some info?

I am wanting to take a screen shot.

Can you tell me how to do this on a CompaQ computer?

i would apreciate it!!!

w00t first to post!

open MS paint or pain and get the write screen shot you want… just go


thats just above the HOME butten on your key baord, next to home butten is “end” click prnt screen then go to here and get where you want it to go… in the bottem corner there is a reziser, use that to rezise the image so its the way you want :smiley:

PS: still got trouble? PM me ill make a full tutorial for you.

Heh, Mr Comic, that is very nice of you, however, I do believe it is unnecessary. :slight_smile: We already have a tutorial on making a screenshot. :slight_smile:

How To Post A Screenshot

It is a detailed tutorial. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

soz i didnt know