Cannon balls

Maybe diffent types of cannon balls, like bronze cannon balls, iro cannon balls, ect. Possably posioned cannon balls. 8)

bronze canonballs won’t work to much impurities it will blow up also for iron, canonballs are blunt spheres they can’t inject poison so y are u wasting ur weapon poison?

legend is right cannonballs wont work right if they r poisond but u otta b able to make like cannonballs that send stuff flying everywhere and hurt alot of things…and wuts the deal with no cannons in the wildy that is wrong.

howbout spiky cannon balls lol

well u can make gold cannonballs for the new quest…

Lol get a life man…it’s a game, no need to get all technical and stuff geez.

There could be explosive cannonballs.

a cannon ball can’t be spiked it’s explosion force will do through the space between spikes. and explosive balls will blow up on ur self!

i think it would be a good idea to have colored cannonballs…

no, theres a such thing as exploding cannon balls (in real life)

no, theres a such thing as exploding cannon balls

no i saw it in a movie that means it must be real lol

if u want to get technical about it you could if u had a metal slice sticking out of it as if a saw blade had cut thru it and put spikes on eitherside of that. the force from the explosion would be caught by the “sawblade” and it would be sent of as if it was a perfect sphere

my bad…
how about no canon balls but canon javalines? ( i must be insane!)

No not insane…just really techicnal. :-p

that might work, if u had a canon that shot a barage of spears!

Well like you could not carry around a cannon in your hands so the only way to use them would be in a stationary position

They should have like a cannon that you put an item into it, and when it hits, it does the damage that high alchemy would give gp for that item.

Imagine doing that with Dragno Chain :smiley:

What do you mean?

i dont feel like wasting expensive items not the best idea but u could have a multiple shot cannon ball (no technical stuff plz) :stuck_out_tongue:

shrapnel cannonball anyone?