cannon or maul?

ok im desiding which i should get but i need help so my question is which costs more (and plz list the prices) and which is better? thanx for the help :o

Maul - 1 mil
Cannon - 550k to 600k

I suggest you buy a cannon or nothing, because if you wait for a month or two the price of the maul will keep falling as more people reach that slayer level.

i dont know if if i really wanna w8 that long lol and 1 good thing bout the maul is that u dont have to have ammo but is the maul better?

id pick maul unless ur gonna buy the cannon for 750k because cannons break and if u dont have the warranty for the cannon u lose all your money and the cannon and cannons need constant ammo that isnt cheap

u can buy cannons for 550k from players not 750k and u still get a warranty

warrenty? well any ways i think ill get the maul

if u buy it from the dwarf u get a warranty card just incase something bad happens but if u buy it from a player u dont get hte card and if something happens its ur prob

Ok,im gonna list the advantages of the maul and disadvantages of the maul and same with cannon.

1-It dosent break.
2-You dont need ammo for it.
3-It gives you exp

1-It cost 1mil

1-You can hit higher.
2-you can hit faster.
3-It costs less.

1-It breaks.
2-If it breaks and you dont have a warrenty,you loose all your money.
3-You need ammo for it.

Id say the Maul,because you cant break it.Also,its cooler.

ok thanx guys :o maybe sometime ill try to get both :o

btw im startin out with the maul

K no problemo and my bad you do get exp for the cannon

get the cannon! it raises ur range lv like crazy, plus, the maul’s price is dropping at a steady rate and in a month will probably cost as much as the cannon