Cant keep me down

Yes yes yes. Zukken is back and ya cant stop me this time muhahahaha :smiley:

Beuuh you again…,the rude one

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

Uhh… Do I know you? Lol

hey…welcome back…i guess…sorry to ask but who are you?..

he got banned bc he was flaming at tezni

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

Tezni? Who’s that? Lol sorry I don’t know a whole lot of people on RSR… Hey I’m just a noob :stuck_out_tongue:


Some1 who left for the 2nd time :guilty:
Was also a legendary member…

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

tesni left RSR for Sals, I used to speak to her on a daily basis, but we hardly ever talk now.

~ ewok

Aww that’s such a shame… Oh well! I’m technically a "RSR Legendary Member, so I can take his place forever!! Muhahah LOL jk

Tesni was a “she” and she never will be replaced on these forums.

~ ewok

Oh my bad mrparris… And I was just playin’ around… Noone can be replaced on these forums, no matter how hard someone tried

Like Netty… -.-… I miss his controversial posts, dangit!

omg not you again…lol i thought you were permantly banned for flaming tesni…try to be nice this time