Can't log in to rs

Can anyone else not log in to rs or is it just me. I’ve seen the thing on the main page about 1 in 8 login servers are offline, but it’s just my main account (jimbob) who can’t get in. Kind of a bit worried now, but can anyone else not log in?

I can, and bryan has had the same problem logging, but its working just fine for me.

Same here, Jimbob. You’re not the only one, My main account can’t work, and I’m a bit frustrated, because I was nearly finished with a quest, but anyway. My pure account works for some reason, it’s pretty weird.

it said that 1 in 8 players will not log on so they hve to get it fixed.look on the rs mainpage

Wait afew hours while Jagex fixes the login server problem.

You can survive without rs for afew hours right? :slight_smile:

It’s really weird. I cannot log in with my member a/c. I have tried to log in to various worlds. Another family member, using same broadband got into a world and I tried to follow without success. SO, then I created two more accounts and successfully logged in with both. With both, I logged out immediately, and tried to log into same world with existing member a/c (although in non member world). Still cannot do. Have they got something against members, or me. Other family member successfully logged into a members world.
:mad: :frown: :confused: :eek:

? survive for one hour - depends where you are - we have the whole day in front of us!

lol me aswell im bored of training pure , dont worry

Ok, that’s good then. Yeh I can wait a few hours for rs =p

Just annoying though cos i’ve had 146 fire giants as a slayer task for 3 days :smiley: