Cant play. GRR!

ok i havent been on here in like 2 years(no comp), but i thought u guys could help me wit my comp problem. Aparrently, my comp dont like runescape and it wont let me on. if i try to load the logon screeny thing up, it stops at “loading animations” 98%" and just stops. I’ve tried the port thing, the firewall, the java, the virus scan EVERYthing i can think of, but no runescape :(. can anybody help?
oh, and dang everythings changed around here. i stopped when there was 9900 members now theres like 26,000!!!

what browser do you use? if its internet explorer i might beable to help

yep, and by a little luck on my part, it IS internet explorer

DNAStealer I remember you! Do you remember me? … probably not. Anyway once i stopped playing runescape for like 8 months and then runescape wouldn’t load so i stopped playing it for a while longer and then i started working again… weird. Sorry that i couldn’t help but if i could i would.

DNA, try using mozilla firefox.

OR Avant Browser

Whilst a browser may make the difference, I think you should try and reinstall java. By reinstall, I mean, delete it and then reinstall it. If the problem persists, contact Jagex Customer Support via the RS website.