Captian Black chin

NAME: Captian Black Chin

Level: 104

drops: Piarte Hats, rune scimmie, 150/200gp, bones, cooked sharks, addie daggers

locatored only near port sarim

what do you think? Its my first idea for a chrecter dont be nasty plzzzzzz! :frown:

Pirate hats can only be obtained from treasure trails -.-…

1st. Joe pretty much just explained

2nd. level 104 in a nonmember and member world around where so many new players train and would be attacked almost instantly to a seemingly unforgetable death.

the location would really make my vote a no.

Hmm…wow nice funny idea for a new member of RsR,well it “is” an ok idea just that it would be like lvl 70+ and like no rune scimmy could be found on him,lol! its so weird with rune scimmy

It might be good, but there would have to be a dungeon or an island that you can access from Port Sarim… maybe drop pirate hooks too :slight_smile: