I picked this car up in the fall of last year. For those of you who don’t know, it is a 2011 mustang. I figured I would post a pic now because I made some minor interior changes before I put it away for the last 6 months (I live in Minnesota, our winters are literally 6 months long) and have stockpiled some more things to add to it in the coming weeks. I currently have new tires, rims, chrome interior cupholders, floor mats, rear windows, and louvers to be adding on.

nice dude, i have a turbo custom malibu :smiley:

Nice car. Figure I’d upload my truck since it’s the cool thing to do

95 Ford F150 :cool:

heres my little ***** wagon !

come on! all cars are good cars!

maybe this should be a post your car thread. i would love to see everyone’s car! (barring they have one)

I don’t have one, not even a driver license, I’m too lazy :slight_smile:

Still don’t have my permit. I don’t want to drive :frowning:

2000 Subaru Impreza GTT (Called WRX in the UK and is a mix between the 99 WRX and STI in Japan).

EDIT: Yes, that is me in the last picture, I know you should never take a picture with your car, but the setting looked cool at the time. =D

u look likE a legit umbrella model

those wheels look nice on your subaru! i don’t know what it is because gold and blue usually don’t go THAT good together but your car pulls it off!

Gf Nick. :smiley:

almost sold my car and bought one of these…

Pretty sure I still win Ari-boy. My car’s radioactive, 'cause it’s Japanese! :smiley:

thats a beautiful 'stang sir :]

I currently don’t have any pictures of the car I drive on a daily basis, but I do have some of my dad’s cars which are way cooler than mine is.

D: I’m so jealous. I love Mustangs. And where do you live in Minnesota? O.O I live in the Northwestern corner.

And I have a '91 Ford Ranger 5 Speed. It gets me places. :\

This is my car, 2009 Hyundai Sonata

Unfortunately it is currently at the dealer with some electrical problems. If I get a rental and it is nice maybe I’ll post the pic of that haha.

gangsta - i live in the SE corner, by wisconsin and iowa.

iced - your dad has some nice cars, even though he is a chevy guy! i raced a 2010 camaro on the interstate last week and won, he couldn’t catch me @ 135 mp/h. i could never take an SS though, those are damn fast!

Yeah… I accidently raced a new camaro… Was kinda pissed til I saw “SS”, then it was like… Oh. Fair enough.

Driving is so expensive in the UK.

Anyway, here’s my Honda.

Skate! Your car looks surprisingly not Ricer-style. =( Where’s the neon!?