Is it true? can u really make ur own house?!?!? that would be awesome. u could buy like anvils and a basment to put a furnace into your house and put a spinning wheel! (obviously this is a dream of mine. not real but i hope it will be. and of couse things like a furnace and stuff will cost about 700 to 800k or maybe 1 mil. but that would be so cool!)

u will be able to upgrade ure house the higher lvl of carpentry u have…u willl probably start with a grovel and maybe upgrade it to a castle…all the hoiuses will be in the same spot but u will view ure house as u have upgraded it or go in it

its been developing for like 4 years i cant believe that the first time u’ve heard of it is today on the update

well jagex onlt officially announced it recently…another nooob…or another stoner

Well still that would be cool but carpentry could not help u build a castle, that would be stonecutting or masonry, maybe carpentry could just be an addon to the current crafting skill.

Oh my I didn’t know that much lol… Damn now I can’t wait any longer!! Carpentry will be my claim to fame! That’ll be the skill I’ll work on for like… Forever lol… Also since they’ve been working on it for four years now… It must be the BEST skill to come to runescape!