Cartoon people

How about cartoon people walking around runescape like dragon ball z or pokemon :roll:

I don’t think so because it would be weird with all the graphics looking different and having stuff not even related to the time period the game is based in.

that would be really interesting, but I like the runescape people how they are. And your poll says i will ruin runscape. Please don’t

oh dear it does opppppps sorry about that it was suppose to say
it will ruin runescape :oops:

Man, another completely retarded subject. When will it stop. How hard is it to write a decent post. I mean really, this is the second stupidest post i’ve read in the past 2 mins.!!

Oi i,ve seen post that are stupid that u have posted

LOL, name one then smartass.

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Can a mod just lock this topic or tell them to stay on subject please?

hey i know this isint related srry but idied4411 wer u get that avatar?

Yeah lets stay on the subbject please rugeba

rugeba stop swearing if i was a mod i would give you a warning

and it wouldnt be a very good adition to runescape to add cartoons from shows

Thx joshua for sticking up for me

I don’t like the idea. It would screw up the game. And yeah I agree with Rutabega. :mrgreen:

Lol, you know how many times people have asked me that. I got it from the internet I can’t remember where. Just click on properties and then take and copy and paste the url in your profile and then save it if you want it as your avatar.

i dont think that this would be a good idea
well it would be freaky seeing all these characters like spongebob or somethin like that :roll:
lol :lol: i just think what runescape is right now is fine without cartoon characters

Lol, that would be funny seeing spongebob in runescape.

you guys are all crazy!