Castle Wars Challenge

If You Can Beat Me By 5 Points in Castle Wars I will give you 10000gp!


This is my work!! Im the Best Defender In Runescape

My Highest Kill Count is 20

i have got 13 but i cant prove it… :frowning: oh well i was with a couple of freinds on zammy team it was cool :twisted:


Beat you by 5 for only 10k, that is more of a you win/win scenario. There is no point in doing it for only 10k. If you were the best defender in Rs, you would make it more like if you can beat your team by 1 or 2 points and you pay them like 100k, then you would be acting like the best.

i agree with icedearth

My highest kill count is 2…, I cast snare on everyone that comes near the castle it owns.