castle wars change

i think they should make castle wars king of the hill instead of capture the flag that way they can have guthix team… wat do u think?

p.s. king of the hill is were they have competition for which team can hold the middle for a certain amount of time (ie: 2 minutes) and teh team who hold the middle for that amount of time the most times wins
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hoora king of da hill!

You got the idea off of Halo 2, didn’t you. I think it is an OK idea. You should still be able to do capture the flag, though.


That would be awesome!

But they should make a new Mini-Game, instead of editing the current Castle Wars.

You should post this in the Official RS Forum, Good Idea!

Wewtness, I have an idea now, I won’t vote, I guess…

i say king of the hill

keep cpature the flag make king of the hill.

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Why not have both!

It could change after everygame, capture the flag, then king of the hill and so on.

Yes, a new minigame, we cant have too many plox!!!

keep CW same but add a new place like HW and have it to hold the hill for the longest

Well i think they should have 2 portals instead of 3 and one will be King of The hill and the other capture the flag and then you go into another room to shoose which team!!!

just make two versions cature the flag and king of the hill becouse not all would play king of the hill becouse there would be a level 125 king of the hill and it would make it totaly unfair too noobs

gr8 idea but u shud b able 2 choose wich game u wanna play king of hil or capture flag.
could work like this, step into your team portal (zammy sara gutix) and then a box comes up nd asks wich game u wanna play king of hil or capture flag

Yer, choose which one you want to play.

king of da hill,and i know who that is its me!!! mwa ha ha ha ha,lol king of the jill and capture the flag,how about killing the king,

i choose… i choose… Both!

yeah me2,i would also choose kill the king.

It would take up a lot of map space, you know how when there’s a lot of people in one area the models start going weird? (The legs snap together, and there isn’t any animation apart from what your character is doing and other people moving.) I think, at least, the new King of the Hill should be in another area, to prevent this.

The current castle wars is fine.

If this did come out, i bet there would be a lot of complaints about the loss of castlewars, so we would have to have both.