Castlewars upgrades

I am a HUGE castlewars fan, and I think there should be:
Different levels of castlewars armor, one for each type of regular armor, and the better the armor the more tickets needed.
I am also interested to know how you become an animal so please send it in your replies.
More castlewars stuff than sword, medhelm, plate body/legs and kite. A full set!
Tradable castlewars stuff. I have had problems since i offered to sell it and i couldnt trade it.

I also think the archery ticket mini game in the rangers guild costs too much, therefore it should work like this: Your 200gp pays for as long as all your arrows last, being that you can use your own arrows.

i dun think 200g is that much…

and i never tried castle wars, looks cool

i will try when i bcome member, maybe

If you read the updates a few weeks ago, you would know that they are going to be making more and different decorative armor that will have the same stats as mith and addy armor.

ok ill tell u how 2 be a animal or a imp listen closly

walk into the sara portal wile wearing zammy armor 2 tern into a animal