Cat Cannon

i made this more on the part of being funny, not rating


LOL, keep em coming Calenel!

You have a brilliant sense of humour and great pic skills…

Hehe… Funny… I really like the pic though…

lol, i like your pics 8)

Funny but that wasn’t edited just a guy in a cannon with his cat out funny though!

actually, it was edited, how could my cat be facing that way, way over there?

lol, poor cat… :cry:

funny :lol: :lol: :lol: but sad

poor kitten wat did you attack and wat did it hit

Erm, I attacked the erm, King Black Dragon, (Yes he was wandering outside Ardongue) and the kitty scratched his face all up and did a 37.

lol, i lik the pic, looks funny.

y cant i see pic i only see an x

its and x? it still works for me, one second
edit: here, does this work?

still know i dont see alot of other pic eather here at school but i can see them at home

i dont know what to do then, sorry jeremy

my school my be blocking the pics

thats a really bad cat cannon pic whaat you could have done was added some motion blur and made a animated gif.

i made it look like a real cannonball coming out of the cannon, cannonballs dont do anything but move

thats cool

universal y u stealing my pic
i can see the cannon pic nnow 10/10