cb lvl 72 looking for a clan

looking for a clan magic is 63, str 58, att 60, def 57 and ranged 43 :stuck_out_tongue: dont like that ranged :stuck_out_tongue:

i mostley go as mage in the wild
and i’m gonna raise my magic up

ty leeney

.:Dawn Of Darkness:. looking for members!

We are a clan based on player killing (also known as PKing). To be in our clan you must have these requirements:
Combat level: 50+ OR
Magic level: 45+ and at least 14+ runecrafting level OR
Range level: 45+

The Leaders will include:

Asiangoku (me)

Utility skills will also be appreciated. If you can make full steel for clan pktrips and wars please sign up. We will have 5 people making armour for the clan. If any members can make arrows for the archers that would be good too. We’ll have 5-10 of those. And for runes for mages you can make your own, and we will have 5 people doing that.

We will have leaders for Melee, Mages, and Archers. Two leaders for each group.

Melee leader(s):
xxmanbeastxx (lvl 95)
Teiyarch (lvl 73)

Mage leader(s):
Kman409 (mage lvl ??, rc lvl ??)

Archery leader(s):
Scorpio20_04 (lvl 62 range)
Jmes10 (lvl 52 range)

-No spamming
-No flaming
-No attacking other clan members or allies on PK trips
-Respect the leaders
-If you are caught scamming, you are BANNED
-If you are caught being extremely disrespectful to anyone, you are put on probation (We can understand minor taunting, like “your stupid ha ha ha” But keep it with that person. ONLY that person. DO NOT BRING IN RELIGION, FAMILY, ETHNICITY, SEXUAL PREFERENCE
-Do not ask to be a leader at any time, nor will you complain about our current leaders (OMG what a noob I could PK him so easily). They are there because they are active and work hard with the clan.

We are currently looking for a Mage co-leader and a web master that can work with inivisionfree forums. You could be our Mage Co-leasder, and maybe even Leader if you have a higher magic then our mage leader now.

We hope you can join!
PLease post at our forums: http://dawnofdarknessc.proboards19.com/index.cgi

Any Questions? Pm me on here or on AOL instant messenger (monkeyboy3942).

Website: http://s9.invisionfree.com/TKOE

Welcome to The Knights of Exile!!

We are a new clan looking for active members; also we are a friendly clan.


First Read the Clan Rules if you haven’t already. There right below this topic.


none atm in the future requirements will be raised.


After your accepted you may register if u didnt and ill validate your account.

  1. All Runescape Rules apply.
  2. No cussing
  3. No being mean to other clan members.
  4. No hacking.
  5. Can only be in 1 clan.
  6. No attacking clan members in the wild without their consent
  7. No insulting of other clans.
  8. No bumping topics.
  9. No asking other clans to war with us please. (Unless Leader or co - leader’s consent)

Future events (when we reach 5 active members soon)

  • Pk trips
  • Fun wars
  • Drop parties (monthly)
  • Fire Fests
  • Castle Wars
  • P2P Pk trips
  • P2P KBD trips

Clan Cape is Red

come join nemesis warriors. we currently have 63 registered members. the reqs are combat lvl 60+