Hey im a part of “CENTRAL-24” and i just got a new folder full of stuff YAY! its full of pranks funny jokes to send to friends.Im selling the folder its all in a .zip folder this is not a scam with an empty folder i will send you the folder tho to use the stuff in it. it will ask for the password i will tell the password for 10k and if i realise people are using it without paying there will be hell to pay!! i only sell it across “msn messenger” so if you have “msn messenger” contact me e-mail:battleon20032003@hotmail.com
runescape username:da old n1ght cya for now


a .zip foldfer?Im not too sure about this becasue giving 10k then a .zip folder?You could run off with the 10k or just send us a virus.

wow, rule breaking scam tricks… nice… item scamming, real world item tradeing… lock this someone