Challenge Me! (If you dare!)

Well I’m getting a little bored so I thought I would make this thread.
This thread is for anyone who may want to challenge me to a signature battle.
I’ll accept anyone who dares to challenge me!

So challenge me!

Erm, I challenge you. :slight_smile:

Uhh… How do we know who wins?

Ok the rules are as follows…

-The biggest size of the signature can be 400x250
-The signature can have a render in it
-Must be posted by this friday
-First to 10 votes wins
-Have fun and let the battle begin :).

Let’s make it by tonught.

I can’t wait till Friday. :x

Ok challenge accepted.
I sure hope my computer lets me make a signature.

It’s also going to be entered into the SOTM compitition.
Now lets see yours.

I really don’t like the outcome of this.

i would go fallon

sordman ur entering into sotm? its not anime its a gaming render…and if I come up with a decent sig ill battle you