Challenging Damaster37

Damaster37, I challenge you.
We can go completely freestyle, unless you need rules. You can set them up in that case. PM me your entry when you’re done.
Respond if you’re up to it.

I want to say this is Kupition. Am I right?

Cool name, either way.

Heh, good luck :smiley:

No, I don’t know Kupition.

Ah. I’ll post a reply :slight_smile:

Okay, I accept. ^^

I’m pretty sure you’re going to get owned in this battle. Dama is one of the best.

I’m sure Dama will get owned :).

Nothing personal Dama, it’s just that I know this guy. His work is truely awesome :D.

OOOH I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH! Dama always makes fun of me. So I can’t wait to see him get owned.

boo dama go um whats ur name o yes M.ystery

You two, grow up. My god, its just rude.

It’s not our fault he hates us. And besides it’s nice to see a change of one of the master’s getting owned by a guy who’s not on the list.

Well, RSR’s GFX section isn’t exactly…impressive. Only a few are excellent. This guy is, he’s from Chaos.

Heh, you still don’t need to whine about it. He don’t like you? Who cares? Just ignore it :wink:

Yeh, then why are you always inviting me to your house if I hate you? xD

Goodluck to both of you! :smiley:

To annoy you. Mostly.

You invite him over to YOUR house to annoy HIM?

American’s… lol…

You guys going to have your entries up soon?

lol who knows:crackup:

I’m not american. I’m Indian =p

Guys, from what I’ve seen in some recent posts, I think you two need to respect Dama as a master signature maker. He didn’t get there as a fluke, he made it there.
And from the sigs I’ve seen of you two, you should show him some respect.
Sorry for the delay Dama, I’ve had no computer for the last day, and no Internet, but I’ll have it by today or tommorow.