Challenging Fallon.

-No more than 400x200
-Must use a render picked by… Alias if possible :slight_smile:
-Umm if i missed anything tell me

Please get entrys in as quick as pos, il try and contact alias.

Good luck :wink: Fallon puts up a good fight.

Hmmm…Sure. :smiley:

400x200! That’s a lot of space to fill up.

Fallon, he just said maximum 400x200. Hehe. 400x200 is a very unnatural size.

Yes, I’m picking the render as you asked on the PM’s, Adam, but answer my PM first :)l.

Wow this is going to be a good battle.
Do you think En Frances is good enough to beat Fallon.

He said minimum. ‘No less’. It means you can’t go smaller…

Oh, … … … :). Well, it was almost correct XD.

oops, alias is right and im wrong… i meant “no more” than that :blush: sorry

Can we get the renders soon? I have to go.

I’ll get the render… Just wait a sec pl0x.

EDIT: Marvel! Cap Amer :wink:

Good luck frenchy. Good luck fallon.

This will be close. But frenchy is a guy who made some of the best sigs on gimp and fireworks i’m ever seen, so I’m pretty sure this will be close.

I had a go…

I like the effect and the text blends well, BUT, border?

A simple 1 px black border would be nice.

All filters. :slight_smile: (My name is Innovation on iArt)

I <3 that sig :stuck_out_tongue:
Even though it’s really simple, I love it.
Frenchy’s is pretty good, a bit too bright for the render :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it as well. But I like frenchy’s better. I love that effect!

I’ll set-up the poll.

Nevertheless, Fallon that was great!