Challenging Synther!

Yup, thats right. Me vs. Synther.

[li]No larger then 340x140
[/li][li]No smaller then 300x100
[/li][li]Any render
[/li][li]Any style
[/li][li]Due by Saturday, April 22nd, if possible.[/ul]
Accept or Decline?

ooo my first challenge I guess I am gion to have to accept this w00t ok its on

Yay :tongue:! Can you make the due date?

how bout tomorrow?

Good. Beatcha – I mean see you then :tongue:.

Just kidding. Lol.

lol yeah sure well i might have my entry in today im not sure

Just PM me when you do.

ok I will first I gotta find shaweet render then ill make it

I found one, and am making one :slight_smile: I hope it turns out good…

Okay here is my entry so yeah I dont really like the outcome but oh well I guess I am to lazy to redo it…

Nice, I like it.

I didn’t like mine, so I’ll be re-doing it sometime.

so like umm you planning on creating a sig for this? if not its cool…i guess


…Damn. I have a bad knack for putting things off…

oh ok lol atleast you remember