Chaos Staff (Requested by demonspitfir)

he requested it, and here it is, and goodnight im off to bed!

wow… I think it looks good… Kinda looks like the chaos rune at the end of the staff has a smile on it… But it’s good…

great pic, 10/10, in fact, all of ur pics rock
sickmate 8)

it looks werid,but cool keep those pics comin

This pic looks kind of funny, but it’s still VERY cool.
9/10 8)
Keep up the awesome work!!!

g8 job man 10/10

i would kill for one of those

9.5/10 thanks… btw i was kinda expecting more of a challenge but my dragon staff was awsome i have to agree…

Ill post my death staff here soon… :slight_smile:

that chaos staff looks awsome… :wink: