~Chaos Tayoko Pixel Shop~

Ok, am in need of cash since i started to play RS again. If you are waiting on me to make you a pixel, just post here with the descriptions and cash amount again.

For some examples visit my user page. I will only take request that pay 1 million RS gold or more.

U must pay HAFL of a non-refundable down payment before i start on your pixel. Same rules apply, the more you pay, the better and the quicker it will get done.

and BTW any one in need of a clan, let me rephrase that, a GOOD clan, visit


how much would an average pixel cost?

like i said, 1mill is the minimum

BTW, please move this to image market, am an idiot and posted in the wrong place by mistake.

srry i didn’t pay attention anyway i dont have 1 mil lol used to… Till that noob…hacked…ME>…:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Moved to Image Market, and don’t advertise your clan. Do it in the clan forum. ^ ^

u were going to edit that 1 for me for 500k…and its been weeks sence u last said anythign about it…

yeah well if i dont get any sales i fill lower the minimum price

Read your pms, I asked you about a pixel avatar.

Ehh, I’ve already PM’ed you my order, right? Do I have to post them again here?

yes alias please do, i deleted all my pms.

Oh, ok. I’ll get it ASAP. You doing mine first?

yes i am, am having a problem with my comp…i have a wrom that keeps sending 30 e-mails a second…so i will skecht the pic today

Thanks, Chaos :). I’m looking forward to it.

well sence u said ud give me a garrenty spot as 3rd
heres my order

^^^that armor(no shield)
another guy, with full rune, with no helmet and black hair with a rune axe
arms over eachothers sholders facing towards the screen
have ther weapons eather like on a bealt, or in there hands
smiling with beers in our hands
in the wild ruins by lvl 55 wild were the greaters are
with 1 greater at there feet dead and another behind them about to attack them
and with the names in it,have the guy with the bassards and dragon have K0shi Rikd0 over him, and the guy with rune Starsiege310
and on the bottom put “The End?”

500k, like my post, and what ever money i earn from the sig shop if any

i dont think it is worth it cause 1mil is a lot for a pixel i think u have to be amazings for 1mil worth things

Have you started the outlines? Lol, I can’t figure out how you understood what to do with that scetch I made :tongue:, it was ugly as hell.

Alias u dont even play rs how u gonna pay?

I don’t play RS doesn’t mean that I don’t have an account with money…

wait…am I still getting my pixel that I ordered a long time ago for 600k?

I don’t think you will, bmac. The price you’re offering is too low. It’s not up to me, though.

Started yet?