Chaosnoob.. I do!

odd…but funny!

Very nice not the ebst but still.


Lol, That picture was all over #runescaperealm but let me ask, Which one are you?

Hes the giant red dude lol.


Nice Wedding… but… Where’s the cake??? lol!!!

They couldn’t afford one.

lol couldn’t afford one theres a big 3 story one over there in the corner

Ahh, I see it now lol.

I didn’t see it at first ether.

I’ve seen this on Bits&Bytes too. So er… you’re either the demon or the girl then.

lmao its a bit blurry aswell ennit?

EDIT: Hams are on the monster side and they hate monsters :confused:

cough Lesser/Greater Demon cough

Wheres the after party?

should i wear my spats?!?!

lol yeah i wanna kill the red dude good exp

pritty cool picture

lol it wud be funny if u did
any1 wona marry me it wud be so funny

There was also an “after party”, but I’m afraid I can’t show you that picture… LOL.

And also, if you read the bottom, it says “… do you take Chaosnoob to be your lawfully wedded husband…”. So, Chaosnoob is the big red guy.

To be honest, I knew that you were getting the … " Snip " :wink:
Purdy fake heart.

lol chaosnoob is a demon, wtf? but he’s a noob! and demons aren’t :slight_smile:

Lol. Weird but funny.