can I make more than 1 character or is it against the rules?

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in the rules that says you can only have one character. I know a lot of people who have multiple characters, and most of them try to follow rules most of the time. Don’t quote me though… I’m not positive.

You can have more than one charachter but they cannot interact

(for example, you cant use your 2 charachters to complete the sheild of arrav quest)

ok thanks for the help

what they said and how u get that avatar i like it

Yeah, but they can’t also interact in a way where you use both characters to trade with each other… Apparently, Jagex doesn’t like that because they don’t think that you should be allowed to use one character to be a mule for extra bank space for a main account or something… Though I have seen a lot of people drop trade from one account to another… Apparently that isn’t breaking the rules since the characters aren’t directly interacting…