Chat room.

I think we should have like a chat room ran by java, and there would be moderators for it, it wouldnt get your post count up thoe. Just like an off-topic chat room. What do you guys and gals think?

It’s a nice idea, but it would have to be one that didn’t eat up the bandwidth and was decent software to use

maybe duke should put the flash chat back up

No not that horrible thing…maybe an IRC channel

Lol, I have no idea what you two are talking about.

hi im new here

Ok, dont spam my topic please, your making it go off-topic. Read the rules.

If you don’t know why it was taken down, you shouldn’t bother wasting your time telling us to put it back up. It used more bandwidth then the whole of RSR.

Yeah, so just basicly have java host and just put a link to the chat room on RSR home page. ( I dont know how much it would cost or if its legal or any thing so dont flame me correct me)

Flashchat was the chat that was put up a while ago, but it killed the sites bandwidth and was generally not very good. An IRC channel is like a chat that not only will u be able to acess on the site but access it by programs like mIRC

Well, not everyone really knows how to use mIRC, me being one of them, so a flash or java chat would be the best thing to go with if Duke ever thinks about re-instating the RSR chat room… Though I don’t really see it happening for a while, I still think we should give respect for Duke for trying out the chat room feature… Though it would be cool if RSR eventually was able to implement a chat room that doesn’t take up too much bandwidth…

how about sigma chat?

i think it would be a good idea now we have the down graded forum maybe we could have enough watever to make a non laggy chat room

It was an upgrade, not a downgrade.

The chat room is already good enough.
Not only would bandwith be a problem but the time to try get there too.

IRC chat would be good.

wait wait wait! what chat room??? we have forums…but where’s a chat room? we had one for a bit…but that went…

Well…You know how duke made the forums seperate from the site? Well, maybe he could do the same thing for a chat room.

An MiRC chatroom would be great to have for the RSR community, MiRC isnt that hard or long to install and configure. I can set it up right now if needed.

I created a channel on the server. To join the chatroom, download and install MiRC ( and then change your nickname to what you want, and your “host” which is anything you want. Then afterwards, go to the options menu, which is next to the “connect” button on the top of the window, and go to Connect > Servers. Click the first scroll and select “Espernet random server.” Then once connected, just type /join #RS-Realm.

why excactly do we need a forum? We can just add ech other on rs and talk like that, just because u think having a chatroom would be cool that dpsn’t mean we actually need it