Chat room

Will that soon come to past since we got the new forums?
Or is that still far away to come?
Cause I really liked the chat room.

We’ve always got my AIM chats…

Dude, I already have a topic on this.

not everybody has aim(i do though)

ooh never knew about these aim chats, any1 wat to tell me?

Go to to download it free, its an instant messanger, AIM= aol instant messanger, its pretty easy to figure out how to use it and down load it.

i never would give my screen name away because those scam emails are infested with keyloggers so yea, i would like to have the rsr chat room back

Dude…You cant be keylogged through aim unless you accept it. And simply dont use your aim email, its just that simple.

Sorry about that foob, didn’t see your thread when I posted mine.