Cheap mith axes!¿!

I’m selling mith axes (hatchets) 500gp each or 5 or more for 400 gp each.
I will soon be selling more mith weapons as my smithing goes up. Give me your runescape name and how many you want to buy. My runescape name is Bluel337.

ill buy 5 for 2k username-ppsh41

ill buy 1 axe

rs name = warty head

i take 1 axe

i take 1 axe

rs username:im guna kill

Anyone else want to buy a some?

how many u got left?

I have 10 left now but if you need more I can go make them.

i will buy one for 500gp
my runescape name is: slaughter u9

I will buy one as well.

Anyone else wanna buy 1 or more, leave your runescape name and how many you wanna buy.