Cheaper Whips and different Types of Whips

Bronze whip? Bad idea
D whip?Good Idea
Granite Whip ? Good Idea
Obby whip?Good Idea
Abby Whip? Already made

Prove me WRONG


ok sounds good, but the bronze whip would just be funny, i got to disagree with you on the bronze whip. they would be way rare, but suck.

i’d rather you keep the demon end of the bargain they kept to and stuck to.

try making a “Greater Demon Whip”, “Lesser Demon Whip”, “Black Demon Whip”

etc… make’s more sense because the whips come from a ‘limb’ of the monster that you destroyed. So a Dragon whip with a leather feedback in descreption, not making it dense with metal, but making it dragon as in parts of the dragons tail.

im happy with the abby whip…so no thanx

Granite whip would just smash when u hit someone espesh if u hit the ground xD And no cus abby whip is just… Unique =D Just the maul and the dragon wep looks compared to others, Its just one of those things =]

i like that d-whip idea

-blah- if i play rs for mor ethan 5 hours am i obsessed wiht it?

An abyssal whip is it’s own weapon like the granite maul… making different versions of it would make whips just like scimitars and longswords and such…

no…just no. bad idea

i hade speculated that the people would repent against this idea…i think that if they should happen to “place” new whips into the game, they should be almost, literally impossibly rare so only a truely deserveing, lucky player would ever get one as a drop, then prices would have to go down with the items because so few people would ever get one.