Cheapest Phat?

What’s the price and color of the cheapest phat?

The cheapest will probeley be Purple: 25,000k-27,000k

purple is around 33-35mil now

25m? Phew, only 23m to go :wink:

Edit: 33m? Then 31m to go =p

You sure its 33mil???

yes i am sure lol look on forums geezey peezy dont post unless ya know what u r tlking bout fool:-p

yea purples are around 33-34.5 max =]

how much are white phat worth?

i have seen whites go for 60-68mil

Whites are over 60 now

purps are 27.9m

uhh for awhile greens were cheaper, i think they still are

purps are 34m now

yeh purples are like 33m’s and whites are in the 60m’s

yea, merchanters keep trying to push purps to 36m, dont go for that =[

i dont think so… lol

Are blues really the most expensive p-hat now?

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Yea they are what are blues 70 80 mil?

How much is a red then? My friend said he would be getting a blue p-hat. I was thinking of telling him to sell it and get two white phats so i could buy one, but that’s not gonna happen. Maybe reds?

reds are around 50-55mil now, blues are 80-85, whites are 62mil or so.

I wish i knew other prices better than phat prices:( I can only buy half a purp