Cheats for Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology cheats


1000 food-------------------- JUNK FOOD NIGHT

1000 wood------------------- TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE

1000 gold-------------------- ATM OF EREBUS

Full favor--------------------- MOUNT OLYMPUS

Flying purple hippo------------- WUV WOO

Enable used god power--------- DIVINE INTERVENTION

Lighting storm, earthquake,
meteor, and tornado powers---- WRATH OF THE GODS

Forkboy------------------------ TINES OF POWER

Laser bear---------------------- O CANADA

Full map----------------------- LAY OF THE LAND

Fast construction-------------- L33T SUP4 H4X0R

100 monkeys------------------ I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1!

New ramdom god power------- PANDORAS BOX

Change day light------------- IN DARKEST NIGHT

Turn water red--------------- RED TIDE

Control all animals------------ SET ASCENDANT

All heroes from the
campaign--------------------- ISIS HEAR MY PLEA

Skip level--------------------- CHANNEL SURFING

Win scenario------------------ THRILL OF VICTORY

slow down units-------------- CONSIDER THE INTERNET

reveal all the minimap
and removes fog of war------- LAY OF THE LAND

shoots exploding
chikens from the sky--------- BAWK BAWK BOOM

I hope these cheats helped you as much as they helped me (even though they spoiled the game a bit). I just did this guide so you dont have to go to google and go through all the stuggle of looking for a guide and so that this site becomes a little bit better. These cheats will work for sure in the Age of Mythology, I’m not very sure about the exapansion. If there’s a mystake in the guide please tell me and I’ll fix it.

its pandoras box, not pandorax box :huge:

ok, thanks for the correction.

I think it there are just normal AOM cheats that work on expansion but there are also special expansion cheats the don’t work on the normal game. I can’t confirm because I don’t have the normal AOM.

I think you missed off afew:

CONSIDER THE INTERNET - Slows down your units.

LAY OF THE LAND - Reveals all the minimap, and removes fog of war.

BAWK BAWK BOOM - My favourite one, similar to the meteor power, it shoots loads of chickens from the sky that explode.

i cant believe i forgot about lay of the land… i guess its because i dont use it… i prefer to use the flying hyppo… anyway, thanks again for correcting me.

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sure you can post it as a guide or something, as long as my name is on it. i think all the cheats for AoM are there, i just the cheats for the expansion.

**Note, All cheats are in capitals, They won’t work if they are lowercase.

To use a cheat, in game press enter then type in the desired cheat, then press enter again. If it has worked the text won’t come up on the screen, If you have made a mistake it will come up like any other normal text.

To my understanding, I think you can use AOM cheats in AOT but not the other way around. **Note

Age of Titans

ZENOS PARADOX ~~~~~ Gives you several random AOT & AOM god powers

TINFOIL HAT ~~~~~ Ownership of all units on the map are randomized

TITANOMACHY ~~~~~ Instant Titan

RESET BUTTON ~~~~~ All buildings on the map become unbuilt

ATLANTIS REBORN ~~~~~ Gives you Atlantean heroes from the campaign

BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK ~~~~~ Gives you a Bella(dog)

Age of Mythology

ATM OF EREBUS ~~~~~ 1000 Gold


JUNK FOOD NIGHT ~~~~~ 1000 Food

MOUNT OLYMPUS ~~~~~ Full favor

LAY OF THE LAND ~~~~~ Reveal Map


THRILL OF VICTORY ~~~~~ Win game

CHANNEL SURFING ~~~~~ Skips to the next scenario in the campaign

L33T SUPA H4X0R ~~~~~ Instant build

LETS GO! NOW! (Two spaces between GO! and NOW) ~~~~~ Fast game speed

CONSIDER THE INTERNET ~~~~~ Slow game speed

DIVINE INTERVENTION ~~~~~ Allow you to use a previously used god power

PANDORAS BOX ~~~~~ Gives you several random god powers

WRATH OF THE GODS ~~~~~ Gives you the Lightning Storm, Earthquake, Meteor and Tornado god powers

GOATUNHEIM ~~~~~ Gives you a god power that turns all units on the map to goats

FEAR THE FORAGE ~~~~~ Gives you a walking berry bushes god power

BAWK BAWK BOOM ~~~~~ Gives you a chicken-meteor god power

I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! ~~~~~ Gives you a bunch of monkeys

WUV WOO ~~~~~ Gives you a flying purple hippo

TINES OF POWER ~~~~~ Gives you a forkboy

O CANADA ~~~~~ Gives you a lazer bear

ISIS HEAR MY PLEA ~~~~~ Gives you the heroes from the campaign

SET ASCENDANT ~~~~~ Reveal all animals on map

IN DARKEST NIGHT ~~~~~ Cycles through four different light settings

RED TIDE ~~~~~ Makes water red

MR. MONDAY ~~~~~ Gives Titan AI 1000% handicap

ENGINEERED GRAIN ~~~~~ Instantly fattens herd animals

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