check it out

i guys me shakori the great female lord of the world has maken a new channel on ss called #rsrtrivia join

hm, what’s ss? sorry for the nooby question :stuck_out_tongue:

Swift Switch.

how did u make it?
and im gona check it out in a sec

no questions are nooby to me it was my fault cause i ddint explain it its swiftswitch

i cant find it lol

ok, ty, can you tell me where to download this so-called swift-switch? :smiley: for main site
RuneScape Wiki | Fandom download page

ok, thx…

Shakori, It doesn’t even have trivia. Just go to #runescaperealm and play trivia there.

To get there you need to download Swiftswitch from RuneScape Wiki | Fandom
Then go to Utilities>Client>IRC chat>Type in a username (RSR username) And enter #runescaperealm where it says enter channel.