Check the "how rich is andrew gower thread" then read this!

well some of you may have already seen the thread, but i went onto the site and clicked his name and here is what it said:

“Cambridge graduate Andrew invented the popular Runescape game, played online through subscription, which is taking on the sector’s big beasts such as Sony. He created the role-playing game while at university and then operated it from his bedroom at his parents’ house in Nottingham. The brothers own 79% of their company, Jagex, whose £2.7m profit on £5.2m sales in 2005 values it at about £40m. With past dividends, the enterprising Gowers are worth £32m.”

Pretty cool story huh!

Lol thats awesome… hes rich. wowz! lol.

Both Gowers are rich, not just one. Plus he went to Cambridge, which goes to show that if you go to school, you can become very successful.

cool good on him

lol thats alot of $$ makes me wanna start a mmorpg lol

ya my dad said that is around $50m in amarican money

so ya

anyway im glad they made rs and im sure they are 2

lol id be happy if i made it too

thats a lot of yen

It just goes to show he had money in the first pleace.

he deserves all the money he has got… and its cool how he started his room is his parents place

and hes only 27 ans paul is 29 id be happy with 32m at 27 or 29

i think in AUS dollars thats almost double

Lol also Ian is there bro to I just found out 0.o Or so I read in

u mean he made runescape in his bedroom in his moms house? thats sounds kinda geekish. but he is a geekish rich nub so i cant say anything that will degrade him of his current status.

And people make fun of those 40 year old guys living in their parent’s basements. Hehe. Actually, Andrew was probably just out of college when he started making RS, so it isn’t as if he was a computer nerd. He just got out of college, so he didn’t have his own place yet.

I’m thinking of making a cool mmorpg when I grow up.
I’ll make loads of cash… =) :devil:

I’ve tried programming/RPG type things before, they’re not easy at all. Start off text-based and work your way up slowly :slight_smile:

That’s a nice amount of cash! Simba, who did you try programming/RPG??? And what program did you use? PM me please.

If you want to make an RPG then go to

It’s really cool.

Rpg maker is very good for making Final-Fantasy styled rpg’s… A lot of my friends try to mage games on there but drop it after they get a new idea, and the cycle repeats…

Anyway, it’s not surprising that there very rich people. If they took out the free version of the game then they would become twice as rich, shows how many f2pers there are out there…