i think you should be able to put items money etc inm other banks as well, aka someone is making runes for someone in thias case chaos, when they have finished they put the chaos runes in ‘cheque form’ and can put this item into another players bank, but can noly be made to that person, like cheques in rl it wud take a while 2 go thru maybe 1-2 hrs, meaning if someone finishes a order they can put it in the other players bank if htere logged off etc

o-o; No plz.

y not? why dont u like it

gr8 idea, perfect to selll and buy gp Illegaly! i love this idea lmao :blush:

cheques seem a bit to much, especially to the younger players

no i didnt mean actual cheques. i ment like a new option at bank. it wud be giv to player … then it comes up like a 1 player trade screen and you put the item and amount up

1st. Ps2, there are a lot of things in RS that the ‘younger’ players of this game aren’t ammuned to at all yet and still need to adapt socialy and knowledgeably toward progressing in this game.

2nd. It doesn’t seemed compact enough to stick in with any sense of security. what if your friend has a [pin] number for their bank.

wow great idea for people using macro!!! they could get like 1k coal in 1 hour and send it to the his real account!! nice idea,but people could use it for wrong doings,nice try man,love ur idea!

yer i like the idea like most ppl it kool

hmm…Rexy93…i could tell tht u didnt read the rest of peoples reviews about it,lol!

Might be good, but it would lead to a lot of scams.

no coz jagex look at unbalanced trades, so if a low lvl player kept sending loads of stuff for free to another account they would know