Chicken Pox ~please post! im bored!~

AHHHHHHH!!! I have finally got them! and im 15 ithought that only little kids got em… :? Well anyways its crap and i feel like crap. Who here has had em? Man this friggin sucks…

if i got chicken pox i wood just stay at home and play rs lol

Im homeschooled so i lose out! And i have a deadline for my work so im mad.


LOL you got chikin pox… ive had it too… :twisted:

LOL sniff sniff hes making fun of me!

I had them when I was like 3. The bad thing was that I was on vacation in Navarre Beach, Florida when I got them.

Sorry to hear it. Get well soon! :smiley:

lol i got em when i was 8

It’s just as well that you got them when you’re 15. Past the age of 15 or 30, chicken pox can be really harmful and FATAL in rare cases.

I got 'em when I was 7 and it was just really itchy.

I’ve never had chicken pox, so I hope I don’t die from it at thirty!

Like I said, it’s pretty rare. And if you got vaccinated you should be fine. But if I remember correctly, ate 25 or later, you run a greater risk of suddenly becoming sterile as a result of chicken pox, though that’s pretty rare too. I don’t think there have been many deaths or sterility cases lately.

Oh that’s a relief! 8)

I know I’ve had them, but who knows when…

Ive never had them and I never want to.

Good. 'Cause they look like bad acne all over, and they itch like no other.

i had em when i was little…BTW if you get them when your older you dont get chicken pox they are worse and are then called shingle(i believe) and they are VERY very painful my dads friend had em and he was on so many meds to help the pain…and they last alot longer when they change into shingles then when they are still in the chicken pox form…and they kinda look like bog black things(dont know how to describe em) on your body…so you might not like em now but its better then havin em when your older

Last night when i went to bed and i woke up this moring they like quadrupled! And they hurt and itch like crazy! Im gonna go insane soon. So if you guys dont see any of my posts then im most likely dead or i committed suicide(JK).

lol one suggestion…oven mits, then you can rub and kinda itch and not have toworry bout em breakin open and spreadin

HEY!!! Good idea!!! i might try it out…

lol it worked for me…we had to throw the oven mits away after wards but still it was worth it…all the itchin i wanted without it spreading to much, o and btw try hot baths not showers try a nice hot bath it feels nice and relieves the itch as well :wink: