Chocolate Dust?

What is this? I just came back to RS a little while back and I found this in my bank. Is it worth anything?

Used to make chocolate cakes and some potions.

It’s also used to make a chef’s delight. They’re melted eggs.

Energy potions to be exact.

I don’t think they’re melted eater eggs… They’re just crushed-up chocolate bars. :confused: Lol


Actually, I think they are melted easter eggs.

I got some this easter, and then I only started playing again last week. My easter eggs were gone, and chocolate dust was in its place.

You are both right.

Easter eggs did indeed melt into dust, and you can use a mortar and pestle or a knife on a chocolate bar to get dust.

but eitherway its not that big of a deal, u either get a chocolate bar and use knife with it or an easter egg melted in ur bank -.-

If u r a member, u can use it to make chocolate milk ! :smiley:

Ooh I’m sorry, I didn’t know that :smiley: lol.


Yes , there are the easter eggs , unless you are p2p you cant keep easter eggs, i think you can keep the rubber chickens, i’ve seen ppl pk’ing with the cichkens :smiley:

:wink: You can use the chocolate dust if you don’t have a mortar + pestle to make the hangover cure for Skippy (South shore of Rimmington) :wave:

it was eather candy from halloween, or easter eggs from the playboy bunneh

yea did u get any candy from haloween? if u did thats most likely where i came from cuz it malts away and makes the chocaloate dust

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