Choose ya race!

I’ve been playing r.s. for almost 4 months now, level 84 right now yay

anyways i’ve noticed that tehre are a few diferent races of humanoids in r.s.

Those are all i think…

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could chose to be one of these races, each would have there own armor, and weapons, except elves and humans maby…

and each would have a diferent bonus

Humans: equal stats basicly equal bonus on all
Elves: Higher range bonus and extremely good with crystal bow
Gnomes: small but fast good with all weapons with small bonus to range, evades attacks good

So, whatcha think…

I think this would be stupid… No Offence.

Ya but still, i’d love to be an elf… on the game

yea it would be a little cool but its good the way it is now

I been playing a month and im nearly combat 70, you shuck, you think power ammies are members!!!

I asked this a few months ago, got some negative answers dont even bother dude :frowning:

i think that it would be on ok idea but seriously do you play other games i mean:

elves: faster than them all and good with bow etc but they have bad deff
(just like rangers already cough cough)

gnomes: are very strong but slow as possible and good deff and suck with a bow (same as a dwarf would be)

humans: you are right even on all

(if inncorect please dont be mean and start a fight i only have exp in a few hundred areas of medievil games and books etc)

you should have posted to a forum that has this idea seeing that this is about the 10th on this subject. And guess what, the others went far more into detail than i think you are capable.

i personaly think that it is a good idea… i remember in the good ol days when u could choose if u wanted to be a miner, mage, archer or just whatever.

i miss those days, i whish they would bring that back and get rid of the annoying tutorial island

Pure maby i was lie cus i didn’t want to sell you the ammy, AND I’m GETTING A LITTLE TIRED OF YOU!!!

Maby i train other skills besides combat, lets see 50 prayer, 55 mage, 50 range, 66 fishing 66 cooking…, neer 50 in most of my other stats besides herblore and runecraft