Christopher Columbus

I read that Christopher Columbus discovered America,but he also had slaves and punished them a lot.

Do you like Christopher Columbus?

But tell me, what did he REALLY do?

I do not like Christopher Columbus because he is a retard for thinking the Greater and Lesser Antilles are in the Indian Ocean and he called them the West Indes. Oh yea, also because he has slaves. Slaves = very bad.

Crissy Columbis was messd up in da head…but hes still my boy! :thumbsup:

yeah, slaves aint cool. then again hundreds of thousands of families had slaves back then…so i think we shouldnt discriminate against him for having slaves. we should discriminate against everyone in that time period :grumpy: lol

Ya he was messed up in da head. Lol.

I personally didn’t like him. I didn’t like that he had slaves but I didn’t like how he was so stupid that he didn’t realize that there was another continent. Lol. And he never believed it. No wonder we don’t get his holiday off. :eek:

Columbus is an idiot. He wasn’t even looking for America, and he is still the “founder of our country”. Look, the U.S. needs to get rid of Columbus day. Either that, or they celebrate the day the Indians found the U.S.

no 1 knew there was another continent there…other then the vickings and the native americans…
but did you know that america should be named columbia? they named it america because a (italian) man named Americos came here and publishd a book about how HE “found” it when it was really Crissy that “found” it…

Leif Ericson (besides the natives) came to the new world first, but their settlements there did not thrive.

Also, George Washington had slaves.

Actually his wife had slaves. I don’t like her anyways besides the part that she had slaves. She seemed to be…marrying him for power. :D. I don’t know that but I don’t like her all the same.

O, I thought he had a plantation in Virginia with slaves…

just like gorge bush’s wife!..gatta think about that b4 you dissagrre with me…really ppl think about it! you think shes marrying him for his brain? his wit? :madhatter

Atleast he looks human unlike some polititians coughkerry. Lol, Kerry mustve married his wife (queen of ketchup) for that reason too.

Christopher Columbus also directed the Harry Potter 1 & 2 movies :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah he did. Lol. :eek:

Why would Laura marry him? I doubt he has that much to offer her. Definitly not in the brain department. On several occasions shes even lowered herself below his standards just so he looks smart.